FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

we are here for you every step of the way! Frequently Asked Questions

Cryptodixon is the new wave of passive income opportunity that has storm the income from home niche. It is for the average income opportunity seeker looking to create profit online.
The main profit generated is from our involvement in cryptocurrency arbitrage. We commit fund into arbitrage trading and we generate an average profit of about 11.4% daily.
We have devised a profitable business approach. Our members make profit, so does our company model make profit and eventually we all make profit. No right thinking team like ours will abandon a profitable and long standing business which can run for decades to come.
Our business is grounded on member’s satisfaction or money back. We put our members at the center of everything that we do.
Making money with Cryptodixon is easy. They are basically two ways to earn but the most guaranteed form is to invest into a play and earn daily profit from the purchase you’ve made.
We began this business since August 2020, we’ve operated offline for about 11months before expanding to the online community.
No, we do not. Account creation is free to create and does not require ID confirmation.
No, we do not charge any fee at the moment.
You are required to have a single account. Also, it is prohibited to create new accounts to receive fake partner commissions. If we find out about this situation, your accounts will be blocked, and your funds will be frozen.
To become a member of CryptoDixon simple click on the registration button and fill the form, the process is simple and requires just email, username and password.
The funds are managed by our professional trading managers. We have developed our own trading bot that helps to capture results from the most profitable trades within seconds.
We only allow electronic payment options to and from your payment processors account. We accept payment from Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dashcoin.
No. We operate a ZERO fee system.
Yes, you can indeed make several investments in single plans. You can also make investments in any of the investment plans. There is no limit to how many investment you can own in any of the investment portfolio.
All investing becomes active automatically once the investment is confirmed by our system. If you invest by cryptocurrency we will need to have 3 confirmation from the blockchain network to have your investment automatically activated.
To withdraw your profit, login to your account and click on ‘Request Cashout” button and process your withdrawal.
The minimal amount you can withdraw is $1.00 in perfect money and $35 in bitcoin and other cryptocurrency.
No, for security purposes withdrawal process is not automated. We process all withdrawals within minutes – 48hours of request.
No, you can only request a withdrawal to digital currency that you have previously deposited from.
The global market is operated 24hours a day for 7days a week hence we are able to trade and generate profit 7days a week allowing us pay our members for 7days of the week also.
Earning additional profit is very easy. All you have to do is promote Cryptodixon by sharing our promotional materials on social networks, forums and with other folks, We rewards your efforts on our bounty and pays commission when your referral invest.
Yes we do, our referral program is a great way for everyone to earn, you earn up to 9% commission of all amounts deposited by everyone you refer depending on which plan they choose.
Yes, you can, simple open an account and use your referral link while referring other members.
Yes, this can be found in your member area. You are welcome to use our promotional material in your website for promoting Cryptodixon and earn commission.
Your personal data are protected at the highest level, and are stored in a safe place. First of all, all confidential data are stored in an encrypted format. The information is transmitted using SSL protocol. Besides the fact that our site has been checked for weak spots and threats from users, the whole hosting is safely protected from DDoS attacks.
Yes, we are utilizing the most elevated DDoS Protection in the business with 100% uptime guaranteed.
Connect with us via our live support or leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.